JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Ever wondered 'what does my child need to score on their next test to be on track for an A?' There's an app for that.

Grades 2 tells parents and students what grades students need to achieve on upcoming assignments and tests to meet GPA targets.

According to Grades 2 creator, Jeremy Olson, he built the app after "bombing a statistics test and wanted to know how to recover back to an A in the class". Olson calls the app, "your roadmap to an A."

The app also helps parents and students calculate GPA, set reminders for upcoming assignments and when they're due and show students what they need to score on those assignments.

To start, add the courses you or your child is taking, fill in your assignments and the grade weight they carry and then update the app throughout the school year with grades achieved. Grades 2 will average your scores and calculate you or your child's current GPA.

Grades 2 is free for the ad-supported version. However, for $1 you can upgrade to the ad free version.