JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- This Friday, Mayport will receive an additional 76 Coast Guardsmen and their families when a cutter arrives.

The Coast Guard Cutter Valiant will arrive at Naval Station Mayport Friday for a permanent homeport change.

The cutter will relocate from Miami and brings with it a crew of 64 enlisted personnel, 12 officers and their families.

The Valiant operates in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. It is a multi-mission, medium endurance cutter under the command of the Coast Guard Atlantic Area. The Coast Guard said the missions for the Valiant include search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, marine environmental protection, defense readiness, and ports, waterway and coastal security.

Commander Stephen Burdian, commanding officer of the Valiant said, "Everyone we've worked with to make our move possible -- the command and personnel at Naval Station Mayport, the St. Augustine chapter of the Navy League and countless members of the community -- have welcomed us with open arms and gone above and beyond to ensure we have a smooth transition. We're extremely fortunate to call Jacksonville our new home."

The Valiant's vacancy in Miami will be filled by Coast Guard's new Sentinel-class Fast Response Cutter.

Mayport was selected as homeport for the Valiant after an extensive review of multiple potential homeports. Naval Station Mayport was picked as the best location.

No other Coast Guard cutters are permanently based at Naval Station Mayport. The base does often host visiting cutters that may be in need of temporary pier space for port calls, scheduled maintenance periods and emergency repairs during patrols through the area.

Commanding officer of Naval Station Mayport Captain Doug Cochraine said, "We have an outstanding relationship with the Coast Guard here, and the Valiant's arrival highlights that partnership. We're thrilled the Coast Guard chose our base, and we welcome our new shipmates."