CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- It's another day of job searching for dozens of people at the Worksource office in Clay County.

They come here to search a database of available jobs. Mary-Holloway Ramos is a recent FSCJ interior design graduate.

"It's a little slow but I'm hopeful that there are opportunities available," Holloway-Ramos said.

For Mary, it's been two months but still no offers. She, along with almost 59,000 other job seekers in a six-county area of
the First Coast, are unemployed.

Many are running out of unemployment benefits.

But some business owners like print shop owner Tony Chevralotee see a silver lining.

"We do see an increase of business every month over last year, and that's good."

That's what needed to get the economy rolling again ... consumers consuming more. In turn, businesses will hire more employees.

Tony Allegretti, co-owner of Uptown Market in Springfield and two other restaurants, says right now, he's putting more people on the payroll.

"Our three stores are always hiring, but we do see an uptick right now, and we're happy about that."

Jacksonville's latest unemployment rate stands at 8 percent for May, the same figure for April and slightly below the June national average.

Jobs are being created, but many say just not quick enough

"I certainly see the trend continuing to be more positive. I also don't see it going like a rocket ship ... it's a slow slog out of this deal.

For many, like Holloway-Ramos, a job offer couldn't come quick enough.

"I still believe there's a job waiting for me. I'm just waiting for that position to open up."