JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- After a 12-day road trip, these guys are allowed to be a little sleepy right now.

But Ehiner Perezy is a little different

"I've got some hyper issues," he said.

He's got electricity in his veins.

"This is my first time ever coming out of Kansas City," Perezy said.

He's one of 20 students of the Minddrive program out of Missouri.

"Minddrive started as a program at an at-risk school in Kansas City," said founder Steve Rees.


They teach students engineering and they built some model cars.

"After the kids about 100 times saying, 'Why can't we build a real car?' 'Why can't we build a real car?' I thought well, I'm trying to teach them to think outside the box," Reese said.

So he bought them an old Lotus skeleton and converted it into a electric powered car, which took about six months.

They decided to hit the road.

"We talked about driving around the city, and missouri, and across the country."

They drove their electric car from San Diego across I-10.

"It's smooth, but no air conditioner, no radio, and passing through the desert," Perezy said.

And today, they finally made it to the First Coast.

"It was a great moment to be going down I-10 and seeing the Jacksonville city limits," Rees said.