A video that a group of New York students purposely recorded and shared on Facebook shows them bullying their bus monitor, Karen Klein.

Jacksonville clinical counselor Dr. Michele Fleming says this isn't just bullying; it's abuse.

"They humiliated her. They intimidated her ... " Fleming said. "... they were providing for their needs, by getting a good laugh, getting a good joke, doing something that made them feel empowered by somebody else, completely removing all their voice to say 'no, I don't like this. And that's what abuse does. It shuts down your voice and says 'no, you don't have a voice.'"

Fleming says kids develop abusive behavior from interactions in their environment. And it can be from anywhere -- family, friends, or various community groups.

And she says it can be picked up through subtle things like lack of validation or even nonverbal gestures like rolling the eyes.

But Fleming says it's certainly isn't just "kids being kids."

"It's true that kids can do mean things to each other, but that's not what's going on here," Fleming said. "For one thing we're not talking about one kid being mean to another, we're talking about a group of kids who ganged up on an older woman, which is sheer and utter disrespect."

Kids can be heard saying in the video, "You're so fat and ugly. That's why you don't have a family. They all killed themselves."

Fleming says it all comes down to what a person believes is right or wrong.

"Life experience produce messages. And these messages rattle around in our heads producing thinking patterns and then they become a core belief system that we operate out of every day."