JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A dog named Bo just recently got more than 30 stitches removed after a vicious attack.

He was cut more than 10 times, with one gash so deep it exposed his spinal cord.

He was found earlier this month

in bad shape in a neighborhood on the Northside, but the executive director of the Jacksonville Humane Society says she believes the attack happened somewhere else and he was dumped in that neighborhood .

"There is no explaining it. He is a sweet happy dog, it was a very vicious attack. I think it is a statement about the people and not the dog at all," said Denis Deisler, executive director of the

Jacksonville Humane Society


The person responsible has not been caught, but the reward money for information leading to an arrest has grown to $2,100.

There is already a list of people who have come forward to adopt Bo and Deisler says the humane society has stopped taking names because Bo still has a quite a way to go with his recovery and they aren't sure when he will be able to leave the animal hospital. Bo does have his own facebook page now called

"Bo NeedsHelp"

where you can get updates on his condition.

If you have information regarding Bo's attack call ACPS at 630-CITY. To donate to Bo's fund visit

or call 904-725-8766.