JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Tearra Odom remembers the "clicking" sound in her glass. It didn't sound quite like ice.

That's because her sweetheart put the engagement ring in her drink. It's all a wonderful memory now.

But good thing she didn't swallow the ring. And good thing Tearra did Buddy Check 12.

Her marriage was the beginning to a life of family and career. Buddy Check has enabled her to stay alive and enjoy her blessings.

Tearra's friend at Coastline Home Mortgage, Teresa Porter, is the Buddy Check angel at the office.

Teresa has been faithful to Buddy Check for years. She knows it saves lives because she and her sister were buddies. When her sister moved to Dallas, they made sure they kept checking.

Turns out the sisterly Buddy reminders were crucial. Teresa's sister found breast cancer herself.

Teresa reminds everyone at her job to check. And now that Tearra is going through treatments for breast cancer, the entire staff and friends are supporting her with get-togethers and prayer.

The story should make us all think. Who do you see every day? Do you take time to remind them about self exams and mammograms?

If you'd like free Buddy Check 12 kits for your office or your family just call Baptist at 904-202-CARE.

If you find a lump and need help, call 904-202-PINK.