MIDDLEBURG, Fla. --Steve Johnson owns 30 acres of property in Middleburg. He said the property has lost half of its value because of the stuff that is on his road. It is called EZ Base.

"They told me it is safe as sand; it is approved by the DEP," he said.

EZ Baseis a byproduct from the JEA coal fired plants and is used as road-building material.

In 2009, tons of the productwere delivered to Steve Johnson; but he installed it.It became a concern when Florida's Department of Environmental Protection discovered the product was in thewetlands and around the ponds. The DEP then cited Johnson.

"If they would show you a document and explain to you 'Mr. Johnson, its got these contaminants in it,' you are not going to take it," said Johnson.

Johnson showed us his independent test results that support his concerns; JEA Attorney Jason Teal says he has yet to see the test results but the JEA has its own test results to show that the product is safe.

The JEA has nowlimited the use of the product in residential communities. Teal said that is being done toonly to abate the nuisance complaints about too much dust.

Johnson said if he wanted to sell his property, he couldn't.

"I thought it would raise my property values. I have spent eleven years of my life here, I've created all this," he said.

The JEA has offered to remove all of theproduct, out of good will, from Johnson's property, but he refuse to let them do it.

"Basically they want me to hold them harmless. That's what the language says; I will never agree to that." said Johnson.

Teal said they have received a notice of intent to sue the JEA and they will let the courts decide who is right.