WOODBINE, Ga. -- The Camden County Sheriff's Office arrested a man after deputies say he tried to bribe them with Walmart gift cards.

On May 23, deputies with the Camden County Sheriff's Office stopped a Ford Escort because it was swerving on southbound Interstate 95 near exit 6, according to a release from Camden County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer William Terrell.

Police were given consent to search the car. One of the passengers, 38-year-old Felix Barrera from Miami, told police he had no identification. However, police found a fake Ohio license for Barrera in the vehicle while they were searching.

Also in the vehicle, police found more than 50 fake Walmart gift and credit cards. There was also a laptop computer and a credit card reader/writer in the vehicle, Terrell said.

Barrera told the deputies all the items in the car belonged to him and that no one else knew what was going on.

Terrell said Barrera then told the deputies that he would give them the Walmart gift cards if they would let him go without filing a report. Barrera went on to tell the deputies he was from a good family and if they did take the bribe, then he wouldn't tell anyone.

Barrera even tried to get one deputy to convince the other deputy to take the bribe by saying the gift cards had at least a $5,000 value, according to the release.

Rather than accept the bribe, the deputies seized the items and arrested Barrera. He was charted with bribery and possession of false identification.

Terrell said the investigation is still ongoing.