JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A state audit into Title 1 spending by the Duval County schools revealed the districtshortchanged 17 schools.

This district is being told it must transfer from its operating budget $2.7 million and place it in the Title1 account by the end of August.

"Our review disclosed that 17 schools which expended Title 1 resources were not appropriately funded with state and local dollars," said Linda Champion with the Florida Department of Education.

Title 1 money is from the federal government to support children who attend schools in disadvantaged communities.

Local leadership fromSouthern Christian Leadership Conference met with Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals on Wednesday to discuss the audit and its impact on Title 1 students.

"There appears to be no misappropriation of funds," said Rev. R.L. Gundy, Jacksonville chapter president of the SCLC.

"Our concern is still the same whether the funds were put into the schools properly," said Gundy following his meeting with the superintendent.

School district spokesperson Jill Johnson said the $2.7million was spent in Title 1 schools, but was used to hire teachers which did not follow federal guidelines.

"The money was used for instruction, so it was additional instruction for those students," said Johnson.

Gundy says his organization will be reviewing in detail the district's response to the state audit.

"The entire school system needs a culture change," said Gundy.