JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In a few weeks, the city will roll out a new trash collection system. It won't affect every neighborhood, but will affect where you put your trash on the curb.

Southland Waste is replacing its two-man trucks with a one-man operation.

The new trucks only require one person to operate the truck and collect the trash, amechanical arm is usedto lift the container.

Lee - Catherine Hicks with Southland Waste said"it is cleaner, it is safer, it is appealing to the aesthetics of the community."

Hicks saidthe new trucks will increase the recycling, which will benefit the city and taxpayers

"Everybody gets to recycle more," she said, "and the city gets a rebate for the amount of recycling that the residents do.

Last year, thecity council approved an ordinance thatgave program the green light.

"All of the residents in the Southland Waste service area are going to benefit from it," said Hicks.

The new system requires new carts that are 96 gallons in size. Each homeowner will receive two carts, one for household trash, the other for recycling.

"There's no additional cost to homeowners," said Hicks.

But if they needed an additional cart the cost is $65. The company is place door hangers to alert homeowners, the new carts will be delivered in May and the servicebegins in June.

The company said drivers whose jobs are affected by the move from a crew of two to just one will still have a job with the company.

"We have found other spots for them," said Hicks.

Household trash pickup will be once a week, recycling pick up will be every other week, and the yard trash collection method will remain the same.

The neighborhoods that will be affected by the new service include Arlington, Mayport, and the Northside.

Residents with questions can call 630-CITY (2489).