( -- This year's active-duty master chief petty officer selection board has been postponed several weeks because the board's convening order, quotas and precept were leaked early - a fact that officials say is now under investigation.

The board was slated to begin deliberations March 26, but will now convene April 16 with new orders, quotas and even members. That information is normally posted on the Navy Personnel Command website the day the board begins.

"We take the integrity of the board process very seriously," said Navy Personnel Command spokesman Mike McLellan. "To ensure that there's not doubt at all about that integrity, the decision was made to postpone the board."

But McLellan said this postponement could delay two other enlisted selection boards: next month's active-duty senior chief selection board, slated to start April 16, and the reserve chief board, scheduled to begin May 14. The reserve E-8 and E-9 board convened in February.

"We're looking closely at that situation right now, and we'll be releasing updated information on those boards as soon as those decisions can be made," McLellan said.

It's the first hiccup for an enlisted selection board in three years. In 2009 officials discovered that one panel of the reserve E-8 and E-9 board had been compromised, causing then-Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Mark Ferguson to reconvene that panel, delaying the results more than a month.