JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- With the AFL season set to kick off in Orlando Friday night at 8 p.m. it appears the players are preparing to strike.

A players' strike could shut down the Arena Football League if an agreement between the players union and owners isn't reached by that time.

At the center of this battle is a league wide compensation package.

The players say they want more money.

They currently get $400.00 per game, plus free housing, two meals a day, and medical coverage.

It's being reported that theplayers want $700.00 per game and a look at the owner's books.

Sharks owner Jeff Bouchy said the players demands aren't what the owners want for their economic model.

The players have no idea what the league is making, former Sharks quarterback Aaron Garcia said. Garcia added that playerswould definitely like some disclosure so both sides can come up with a fair number.

The Sharks will not miss any games because Bouchy said they have a back-up team that's been working out for the last two weeks.

But Bouchythinks his players will not honor the strike if the union calls for it.

So, one way or another, a Sharks team will take the field as scheduled.