JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The park is one of her favorite places to go. According to the 7-year-old's dad, it was during their time at the park, he started to sense something wasn't right with his little girl.

"I looked at her face and she looked different. And I went to hug her and she kind of was hesitant, and I thought to myself she's not acting right. And I didn't know, I couldn't pin point what it was but now that all this went down, I see what the problem is," the child's father told us.

He asked us not to use his name in order to protect his family. He saidthe Department of Children and Familiesalerted him weeks ago that police believed his daughter was sold for sex in exchange for drugs.

"I just uh, was totally upset and disgusted and started crying," he said.

The dad said he rarely saw his little girl and wasn't able to take her to the park, unless she was staying with her grandmother.

He said when Delina Nicholasmoved out and took their child, she got a new boyfriend. He said Nicholas made it difficult to even talk to his daughter. "Every time I tried to call and tell my daughter I love her, she wouldn't answer the phone."

He said he's talked to his daughter since Nicholas and three men have been arrested in the case. He said his daughter doesn't talk about what happened. "She seems ok, but you just never know, ya know what I'm saying."

The father said his daughter is getting counseling and he's completing parenting classes, with hopes of getting custody of her.

He also said he has forgiven Nicholas and the others arrested in the case. "See with my faith and beliefs in Jesus, you have to forgive other people for what they've done in order to be forgiven. So, as hard as it may sound I'm supposed to forgive the mother and the people involved."