JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- Jacksonville Beach Police arrested 66-year-old Michael Morris oncharges he shot and killed his wife after an argument.

According to an arrest report from the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, neighbors heard Morris arguing with his wife, 55-year-old Barbara Morris, in their home located on Evans Drive in Jacksonville Beach, Saturday evening.

Neighbors across the street reported hearing "high pitched yelling" from the Morris's home. As neighbors went to check on the two they heard gunshots.

As Mr. Morris walked out of his house he told neighbors, "I did it. I shot her," according to the report. When police arrived they found Barbara Morris dead, just inside the doorway to the house.

When detectives interviewed Michael Morris he admitted to shooting his wife. Michael said the two had been arguing most of the night, according to the report.

Michael told police when he got out of the shower that afternoon he put a handgun in his pocket. The two had been arguing most of the day, including over the temperature of the house, Michael said,

That night, Michael drank 4 or 5 beers and Barbara drank 9 or 10, according to the arrest report. Michael told police that as thenight wore on, the arguing got worse.

Michael said he went upstairs to remove himself from the situation but Barbara followed, using her cell phone to record video and accusing him of domestic violence. Michael, in turn, started recording video of Barbara.

The two began fighting over the cell phones and Barbara took Michael's cell phone and threw it in the toilet, according to the report. Barbara ran downstairs to hide her cell phone and to use the house phone to call 911.

Michael took the phone away from Barbara and she ran outside. Michael dragged her back into the home and punched her while in the home's foyer. A this point, Michael Morris took the handgun from his pocket and shot his wife in the "face and head area" multiple times at point blank range, according to the arrest report.

Michael Morris is charged with second degree murder. He is currently being housed at the Duval County Pretrial Detention Facility. He is not eligible for bond and has an arraignment scheduled for March 27th.