JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Local schools and universities are paying to reserve domain names ending in .xxx, with one dropping $3,600 to scoop up several names.

The ICM Registry was approved to handle sales for the .xxx domain name, which is like .com or .edu.

But the .xxx ending is supposed to be a way to differentiate between porn sites and other sites.

But many universities are paying to sit on their trademarks ending in .xxx.

For example, University of Florida spokeswoman Janine Sikes said the school paid $199.99 each to block,,, and 13 others. They paid about $3,600.

The University of North Florida just paid for one,, for a total of $199.99, according to spokeswoman Joanna Norris.

But other schools are not spending the tax money on .xxx. Michael Corby at Florida State College says they did not purchase any. He sent us a comment from assistant vice president Ron Smith.

"No one is going to be surprised if they go to and find porn. No one is going to think our college is running a porn site. There are laws on the books to protect us from them using our graphics and brand to look like us," Smith said.

Officials from Jacksonville University and Florida State University did not get back to us.