JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A month ago Trey Hartinger bought his first home, the seller had repairs made to complete the sale.

"There was some repair work that needed to be done, before I would buy it,some wood rot on the floor," said Hartinger.

Now Hartinger has discovered the work was poorly done, and the person who did the work is not a state licensed contractor.

"We're newly married so it was the last thing we needed to to have to deal with, work that wasn't done right," he said.

Steve Shaw, a state certified general contractor, said in real estate sales it happens more often than you can imagine. Shaw was also a real estate broker.

"As you can see the siding is not nailed down,"said Shaw,"there's no caulking underneath all it's gonna take is for the water to drive through."

Shaw said the siding was poorly installed, the door jam is coming apart and the wood floorswill need to bereplaced. Shawis helping Hartinger correct the problems.

"What bothers me is the real estate agent has referred him to other buyers," said Shaw.

Shaw said therepair man has a business tax license but that is not a state or professional license.

Dane Leslie, President of NEFAR, the realtors association said realtors don't hire contractors, sellers do.

"Realtors are asked to provide referrals; it is the homeowner who makes their choice about whom to hire, not the realtor," said Leslie.

He said NEFARpurchase and sale agreement specifically states (under repairs and replacements section): "will have repairs made by an appropriately licensed person."

But he recognized it happens, and in his March newsletterto realtors Leslie titled his message: "Drawing the line on unlicensed contractors referrals."

Shaw said this meanschecking on who is making repairs is one more thing buyers now have to be concerned about

"You should definitely find out who is doing the work, it is paid for by the seller and obviously they are going with the cheapest person, sometimes you get the cheapest person and you get what you pay for," he said.

Hereare two places you can check to see if the person being referred for repairs has the proper license:

The Jacksonville construction trades qualifying board.

The Florida Department of Business and professional regulation.