Middleburg, FL -- They served with Clay County Detective David White in the 351st as military police in Iraq.His fellow veteransmet today outside the church to attendfuneral services together.

Deputy White, whose funeral wastoday in Clay County, was remembered as a man of honor who loved his service to the military and to police work.

His fellow veterans say he was honestly one of the very few who "never" complained.Never.

They tell stories with a smile about how "Dave" would press his uniform and make sure everycrease was just perfect, even though they were in a combat zone.

Platoon Sergeant Don Young saysWhite worked hard, often 10-12 hour days, always a mission every day, and always in challenging weather, ranging from 28 degrees to 130 degrees in Iraq.

Nancy Weinberger says White was a "selfless man" to serve both in the military and in law enforcement.

Brian Keith, who rode missions with White overseas, says, "I'm sad, very sad." But he helped gather the veterans together to pay tribute to White.