JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Most college campuses are filled with emergency systems in place for students in distress.

However, in the event a student can't reach an emergency call box right away -- would they know what to do in the event of an attack?

The Good Morning Jacksonville Team met up with the self-defense instructors fromParadigm Tactical Training Group (PTTG) in Jacksonville for some basic moves every college student should consider before hoofing it across campus; especially alone.

On GMJ this morning, you'll see the instructors show our volunteer student Nikki examine the way she usually walks through her college campus and how she can better protect herself from potential attackers.

You can watch the story here on this webpage after the GMJ newscasts.

Below are more, vital suggestions from PTTG, whose instructors say the best defense is a good offense; always think ahead:

From The Paradigm Tactical Training Group; the best defense is a good offense so always think ahead:

* Park as close to a facility as possible to help you avoid walking a great distance back to your vehicle. You can also park under a light, even if it's not yet dark, but will be upon returning to your car.

* Carry your keys in your hand, ready to unlock your car. Keys in hand will also allow you to hit the panic alert switch to activate your car alarm, drawing attention.

* Carry your purse, backpack, etc. In front of you to possibly use as a distraction if needed to get away from an attacker.

* Always be mindful of your surroundings by looking around and knowing your avenues of escape. Study a map of your campus layout and try to use common walkways from your car or dorm; never walk alone behind buildings or wooded paths, etc.

* Equip yourself with personal defense spray (pepper spray) or the civilian version of a stun gun.

* Know where your emergency "9-1-1" call stations are located on your campus in the event of an emergency

* Use the buddy system; never go out at night alone if possible.

* Try to keep your cell phone available while walking to and from your car, dorm or buildings so you can easily call 9-1-1.

* Always lock the doors to your car, dorm or house while inside.

* If a situation doesn't feel right, trust your instincts; avoid suspicious people.

Upon being approached, here are ways you can ward off the possible attack:

* Be vocal. Scream as loudly as you can to gain attention.

* Avoid having a conversation with a stranger. Just tell the person "i'm in a hurry, sorry" and keep walking while being mindful of your surroundings.

* If an attacker grabs and tries to escort you to a car or secluded area, begin screaming for help and use a weapon of opportunity (pens, pencils, books, purses, etc.) to starting hitting the attacker in vital areas (Head , neck, throat, groin).

* Most attackers are looking for victims not willing to fight, so have the mindset that no matter what happens you will fight the attacker off using whatever tool you have (hands, feet, or weapons of opportunity). Make a quick assessment: do they want you, or what you have?

PTTG offers several strategic courses including a women's self-defense class.