JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- At Mayport's Platinum Cuts, the military cut is a specialty. So, news of the nuclear carrierbeing delayed is a big concern.

"That's not good, if it's being delayed," said Cedric Malone,who works at the Platinum Cuts barber shop.

Malone said with the JFK carrier gone, his business dropped 30 percent. The news of the delay came from Washington D.C. Monday morning when the defense budget for 2013 was released.

"If we delay those projects, it's only going to cost more in the long run. So, this is short term strategic decisions....budget driven defenses that I think will weaken our national defense," said Congressman Ander Crenshaw.

The Republican Congressman isn't happy. In fact, he admits he'sconcerned a delay may mean something else down the road.

"That goes through my mind, and I told the CNO(Chiefof Naval Operations)I get tired from time to time from hearing one thing. Actions speak louder than words," said Crenshaw.

Crenshaw said the Chief of Naval Operations has assured him the carrier will one day dock at Mayport.And while we wait, the Navy has decided to send in a fleet of new ships, which should start to arrive this fall.

"The plans include to bring a big deck amphibious ship along with two support ships that means about two thousand sailors and their families will call Mayport home," said Crenshaw.

More than a dozen ships from destroyers to combat ships and patrol boats are on their way too.

Crenshaw said those in the local ship repair industry will get a boost with that fleetbecause they can do work on the ships.

Malone believes the new arrivals will help his business pick up too.

"We got to take what we can get. At this point, whatever comes we are grateful," said Malone.

Mayor Alvin Brownreleased a statement notingthe delay is a setback, but the new ships means more jobs for the area and will help retain our skilled workforce.