JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Hard to believe, but we're getting ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Buddy Check 12!

Please go to Facebook and like BUDDY CHECK 12. We're gathering everybody who wants to follow our celebration activities.

Maybe you'd like to plan something cool for your business or school.

Our goal? Raise $200,000 to make our Mammogram Hotline even bigger.

Right now the M-Line helps women who have no insurance or not enough coverage get a free screening mammogram.

We want to expand the M-Line to include diagnostic mammograms, sonograms, biopsies and the pathology (lab work) to make a diagnosis. We also plan to providehelp beyond a diagnosiswhen a woman finds out she has breast cancer.

If you want to plan a fundraiser or join our activities, LIKE Buddy Check 12 on Facebook.

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