JACKSONVILLE- February 24, 2012. Get the entire Microsoft Office Suite on your iPad for FREE!OnLive Desktop offers the full versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint on your iPad. If you want to email or print out a document you have to go to the online website to access it on your PC. For $5 a month you can get Adobe Reader so you can see websites on your iPad that have Flash video. You also get a screaming fast1 gigabit-a-second internet connection.

February, 23, 2012. Got a hankerin' for a Girl Scout cookie but don't know where to pick up a box?The Cookie Locator App can help guide you to your favorite treats. The free Cookie Locator on theiPhonelets you find cookies on sale close to you. Use your phone's GPS location to find cookies nearby, or find cookies by ZIP code, city, or state. You can map your way to a cookie booth or share results with friends. Try the Little Brownie Cookie Locator for Andriod phones.

February 22, 2012. The Dow crossed the 13,000 mark on Tuesday before falling back with a modest gain at the close. It's the first time the Dow has crossed 13,000 since 2008. TheFinancial Times has launched an updatedweb-based app on the iPad and iPhoneto keep to you up to date on all thingsfinancial in the US and across the world.

February 21, 2012.The 84th Academy Awards show is Sunday and"Oscars"on the iphone or iPad will help you prepare for it.Before the show you can get up top date with all the nominee lists and pick who you think the winners will be. See highlights of the best of Billy Crystal, this year's host. During the show you get six cameras to watch the action and can zoom in whenever you want. You can also tweet during the show. "Oscars" is available on iPhone and iPad. Try"Live from The Red Carpet" for the Android.

February 20, 2012. US President's Facts is cool app has many interesting and fun facts and trivia about our American Presidents. You can also easily email this information.

February 17, 2012. Caffeine Zone 2 tracks how long caffeine stays in your system. Just let the app know when and how much caffeine you drink each time you grab a new cip and Caffeine Zone 2maps out the data for you. Caffeine Zone 2 isavailable on the iPhone for free, 99 cents for no ads. An app for Android users that tracks your caffeine intake is Caffeine Tracker.

February 16, 2012. Vera Wang on Weddings is the hardcover book made into an app. Plan your wedding day, get great ideas on wedding dresses, rings, flowers and invitations all by one of the country's leading designers.

February 15, 2012.'s Hotel-Tell-All recently released a new iPad app. It includes more than 600,000 original photos shot by Oyster's trained hotel investigators. The app includes thousands of hotels in the worlds top 125 sends its expert hotel investigators around the world to visit and photograph every property featured on Oyster. Each review also includes pros and cons of each property.

February 14, 2012. Happy Valentine's Day. If you haven't gotten your loved one a Valentine's Day card yet here's a (partial) solution and it's free. PHOTO2cards will let you e-mail Valentine's day cards with a picture on it for nothing. Ok, it's not a replacement for a $6.50 Hallmark card. Or is it?

Monday, February 13, 2012. The IRS has released a new version of IRS2Go. In addition tochecking the status of your federal income tax refund,you can alsosee video, news updates and get your tax record from previous years.

Thursday, February 9, 2012. College FAFSA Finder helps you streamline the college search. Search for colleges by name and learnthe average SAT and ACT scores of students and costs for tuition and room and board.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012. Houzzis an appfor home design enthusiasts-- professionals and homeowners. The Houzz site and mobile app features over 250,000 high quality interior and exterior photos. Design professionals showcase their portfolios. Homeowners can collect and save their favorite ideas.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012. TheCareerBuilder App offers a unique and powerful way to search 2-million jobs, the country's largest job site.

Monday, February 6, 2012. The official Super Bowl XLVI Game Program is the #1 iPad in the sports category on this day. Lots of NFL media and other multimedia. Very interactive content.

Friday, February 3, 2012. Gym-Pact is an app that fines you for missing the gym and rewards you for showing up. You tell the app how many times a week you will work out and commit some money. Every time you miss a workout you lose some cash. If you make all your workouts you get paid. A GPS locator makes sure you aren't cheating. Right now the app is only available on the iPhone.