TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Currently in Florida you can head to your drug store and get a flu shot from your local pharmacist. State lawmakers gave pharmacists that ability in 2007.

Now pharmacists are asking lawmakers for the authority to administer vaccines for pneumonia and shingles.

Pharmacists argue Florida is one of the few states in the nation that does not allow them to provide those shots. They believe more Floridians would get vaccinated against shingles and pneumonia if they could get the shot at their local drug stores.

Proposed legislation, called the Vaccine Access Act, would allow certified pharmacists to offer the vaccines.

Bill sponsor Rep. Ana Rivas Logan says the bill would be especially helpful to seniors by making it easier for them to get vaccinated.

"This legislation puts Florida in step with 45 other states that allow pharmacists to give the pneumonia vaccine and 40 states that allow pharmacists the administration of the shingles vaccine."

The Florida Pharmacy Association says there have been no reports of adverse effects since pharmacists started offering flu shots five years ago.

The association says with 3.2 million senior citizens in Florida, it's estimated up to one million cases of shingles could be prevented if pharmacists could vaccinate people.

The bill passed its first committee test on Wednesday.