JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- Strangers turn into singing buddies after they've been waiting in line for six hours to see Kenny Chesney.

"So these are our camping chairs and we haven't really used it but what we started with," said concertgoer Jill Thomas.

Those chairs are what helped Thomas get to the front of the line for the last-minute show, which was attended by 690 people.

It all began when Freebird Live was contacted about hosting the last-minute show on Wednesday. Tickets went on sale Thursday and Chesney took the stage Friday night.

Tickets sold out in a minute-and-a-half. The fans were pumped and the owner nervous.

"It is definitely nerve racking considering we had a tribute band and two bartenders on staff," said owner Melody Van Zant.

So how does a little acoustic guitar sound to calm the nerves?

One local musician thought he would turn the crowd into a captive audience -- only one problem.

"I came out here unprepared for Kenny Chesney," said Alex Rokala. "I've only been playing guitar for six months, I'll work on that though, definitely."

So Rokala needs to work on his demographic, but there's nothing that can bring down this Kenny Chesney crowd.

If you missed Chesney's intimate First Coast show, you can catch him at his March 16 concert in Tampa at a slightly larger venue -- Raymond James Stadium.