Jaguars fans, Gus Bradley ready for 2014 NFL draft

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The NFL Draft talk in Jacksonville has been going on for months.

"I think everybody is ready for the draft to begin," says Jimmie Vareene.

Vareene will be in front of his television Thursday night, eager to find out who his favorite team will pick in the first round. He has been to every Jaguars home game except one since it all began, and many of the away games.

He would love his favorite team to get DE Jadaveon Clowney out of South Carolina.

"A good defense will keep you in the ball game, and we haven't had a good defense in 7 or 8 years," Vareene said.

But Vereene expects Clowney to be gone, and the Jags to pick up receiver Sammy Watkins out of Clemson.

"We need a quarterback, but I don't think the jaguars are going to pick a quarterback in the first."

The long time Jaguars fan says quarterback Johnny Manziel would put some spark in the city if chosen, but he would be real surprised if that happens.

Fan D.J. Braddock expects the Jaguars to trade down from the number 3 overall pick. There is no question if he was choosing , it would be Johnny Manziel. He would love to call Johnny Football, Johnny Jacksonville, a boost to our spirits he says.

"Just for the electricity he brings, the mobility, bring something to the stadium we haven't had," Braddock said.

"He has a really good arm and he is a leader, he is exciting and that is what people want to see, people want to see people that are exciting to watch," said fan Brandon Wilson.

But Wes Cassano sure hopes they don't choose Manziel.

"We don't need another so called special superstar, we need somebody that is going to be a team player, and follow the rules," Cassano said.

So there are a lot of opinions out there, most fans favorite pick is not the one they think they will choose.

All agree is an important draft for the team.

Anticipation is growing inside EverBank Field as the team readies for the 20th draft in team history. Coach Gus Bradley outside EverBank Thursday in a good mood as usual.

"We are ready man, we're ready. Just trust your preparation like we always say to our players," Bradley said.

"I am excited about what is going to happen to the Jaguars this year..I hope we make some good choices," said fan Meredith Eng. Eng hopes those good choices help improve the offensive line.

"A good draft class gives confidence to the existing players, it is going support the team and hopefully excite the fan base."

Brandon Wilson says a successful draft is even more important this year with the stadium undergoing renovations and adding a huge new scoreboard.

"They are trying to sell a lot of tickets, no matter what you do to a stadium, you can sell tons and tons of tickets but sooner or later people are going to stop coming if you are not winning," Wilson said.

Tonight, outside of EverBank Field the Jaguars will host the 20th annual Draft Party from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

It will in Lot TT and free parking will be offered in Lot C, D, E, & J.


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