Why the Jags lost to the Packers

Welcome to the extremely serious First Coast News Jags fan blog. Whether they win or lose, our digital producer Jacob Rodriguez tackles the important issues from each game. This Week: An opening week L at the hands of Aaron Rodgers and some bad officiating.

It's the first scapegoat everyone turns to: the refs. But after watching the game, after Allen Robinson and Rashad Greene got assaulted on the field, and flags failed to fly... nah. The refs were blind.

But that wasn't all that led to the Jags opening another season 0-1.

Sure, Blake Bortles played well, the receiver corps is terrifying, the lines on both sides of the ball were adequate and our secondary - besides Johnathan Cyprien - was solid.

So we don't have a running game right now, but we're right there. The Jags are easily the best looking team in the AFC South right now, so how'd we lose?

Let's count the ways.

Why the Jaguars lost to the Packers

1. Opening drive interceptions are a bad time



Come on Blake. At home in front of a sold-out crowd - fan base ready for something to get excited about aaaaannnd that happens. He threw inside Marquise Lee (so excited to see you on the field!) on third-and-8 and then the unthinkable happens.

Tipped. Then picked.

The play wasn't even over then! 

Joe Thomas, the Packers linebacker who caught the tipped ball, fumbled after a nine yard return before some other Packer finally fell on the ball.

And what happens six plays and 29 yards later? Green Bay up seven. 

Terrible, terrible way to start your home-field opener. The lead would change hands a couple times throughout the game, but the team seemed to never recover from that interception. The game seemed out of reach the entire time, even if the Jags were nipping at Aaron Rodgers' heels for the whole game.

Also, that interception was mostly Lee's fault.

2. Aaron Rodgers is a superhero

That darn drive at the end of the first half. Five plays. 75 yards (including a helpful 35-yard pass interference penalty). Less than a minute and the Packers scored to go up 21-17.

But Rodgers, man, come on. What's worse was Jalen Ramsey breathing down his throat! How in the world did Rodgers complete a touchdown pass with that going on?

Easy. He's a superhero. He's got powers the rest of us just dream about.

I mean look at this:



Before the game Ramsey warned Rodgers not to throw his way. In the post-game presser he told reporters to write that Rodgers didn't throw his way. 

So here you go: Rodgers didn't throw Ramsey's way. He didn't have to.

Honorable mentions:

  • Dante Fowler's penalties working to keep Green Bay drives alive
  • The second half of field goals; please score a touchdown
  • Johnathan Cyprien
  • Why were there even refs at the game?
  • The final Jags play

All in all they played well. Or as well as you can in a loss. Next week the Jags travel to California to face what's left of Philip Rivers and the Los Angeles San Diego Chargers.



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