Why the Jags lost to the Chargers

Welcome to serious First Coast News Jags fan takes. They're cooked up while watching the games and the served to you on Monday. Whether they win or lose, our digital producer Jacob Rodriguez tackles the important issues from each game. This Week: WHAT IS THE POINT?

Can't blame the refs this time, can we? Oh! And did you see that Sunday night game between Green Bay and Minnesota? Definitely seems like that 'almost win' against the Packers is about as pointless as adding more players to the Jaguars roster.

Literally, you could have 22 players on the field and Danny Woodhead would still have been able to bounce around for a touchdown run of 29 yards.

I mean for Pete's sake - kudos to anyone that didn't abandon that game at halftime because I would've if I could've. We lost 38-14 by the way.

This is the second of more than likely a dozen "Why the Jags lost to the..." posts I'll be writing this year, I can already tell. 

Before we begin, Head Coach Gus Bradley is now the losingest head coach of the modern football era. Our franchise is led by a man whose record is 12-38. Alfie Crow over at Big Cat County points that out - as well as the fact that the Jags have had just one win in the month of October SINCE Bradley's been coaching.

But anyway, here's why they lost.

Why the Jaguars lost to the Chargers

1. Gus Bradley, Greg Olson and Todd Wash are not good

Anyone else remember that last play before halftime, as the Jags had the ball and were looking to maybe score once before the end of the half had just enough time for a final play.

And, in true Jaguars fashion, the coaches had Bortles throw to T.J. Yeldon behind the yard of scrimmage where he ran into some defenders then fell over.

So we go into the half down 21-0.

There were plenty of other suspect play calls from offensive coordinator Greg Olson and defensive coordinator Todd Wash, but how in the world has head coach Gus Bradley put together a team with this much raw talent that looks like it's never played together before?

I've never seen a team as obviously mediocre as the Chargers bust more big runs and down-field receptions than this weekend. It looked like Alabama was taking on some FCS cupcake. A lot of that is on this trio of coaches. It's unprecedented that a coach with this terrible of a record still has a job. I'm not calling for his job, but he's definitely on the hot seat.

If things don't change next week, he might end up like Joe Philbin.


2. The players looked like they'd just met each other

Is there anyone else that thinks the team looked like they'd just met each other that morning before the game? Football is hard; it's probably the most complicated sports game Americans watch regularly, and it takes a lot of people and pieces moving in the same direction to be done well.

To say nothing of the team obviously giving up. 

Bortles was throwing passes to whoever. Yeldon's line decided it wasn't worth the time to block. Ramsey and the secondary corps basically showed up right AFTER a catch... for like 25 yards. 

As a Jags fan, that game brought home to roost all of our fears about the management, the players and the franchise as a whole: we just aren't winners. Not this way.


3. Us - the blind, deaf fans

This is our fault. All our faults as Jags fans. It's the reason that we have 'other' teams. Personally, sometimes I'll watch the Lions. I know a lot of people who throw themselves into college football.

But the Jags are ours - collectively. As a group. You can go pretty much anywhere in Jax and find someone who's a fan. You can talk about Robinson and Hurns or how underrated Marcedes Lewis is.

At the end of the day, this loss - specifically how surprising this loss was in the way it happened - is our fault. We should know better. The head coach is one of the most important pieces of an organization. Prior to this season Bradley was 2-36. Why should that change? The Pats can literally plug people into their organization and win.

Not the Jags. We got significantly better talent this offseason. But of course that doesn't matter! 

We're all fools. And I'll still go to this game against the Ravens next week and I'm sure I'll probably start hitting up the drink counter once halftime rolls around pretty heavily. I have no faith we can beat anyone on our schedule.

Before this game I did. And that's my fault.


Honorable mentions:

  • Danny Woodhead, who may have racked up 600 yards if not for the injury
  • Philip Rivers, who only gets a mention because a scarecrow behind center could've tore this defense apart
  • All those high expectations for the team
  • Could we get any more penalties?
  • Maybe the Jaguars were playing underwater

They played terribly. I wonder what percentage of Bortles' career touchdown passes were thrown during garbage time? Last year he had a ton. This year he's had two. Next week the Jags are at home and looking to get that first win of the season against the Ravens. Maybe.



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