Davon House on playing the Packers: 'I'm excited to show how much better I've gotten'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's natural to have ill will towards a former employer, especially when your contract wasn't renewed.

Most feel they have something to prove, while others just play the blame game, spitting venomous jabs and looking to teach their old bosses a lesson.

Jaguars cornerback Davon House doesn't fit into that second category. As a date with the Green Bay Packers looms, the veteran defensive back is more focused on his improvement over the last year than proving his former employers made a mistake.

"I'm excited," House said on Wednesday.

"Usually when most guys play their old teams they're all like 'I can't wait to go out there and kill them and I hate them' but with me it's nothing like that.' I'm really more excited to show how much better I've gotten since my time in Green Bay. From the playing time and experience I've had here, being a first time full starter, I've gotten so much better since my days in Green Bay."

House will have a strong test when it comes to showing off his upgraded skills on Sunday. The Packers have a stable of talented wide receivers and one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Aaron Rodgers.

The former fourth round pick used to go up against those talented skill players on a daily basis in practice. He has seen first hand the brilliance of Rodgers.

"It's hard - I remember - I can count as many times as I picked him off in practice, it was only like three times in the four years I was there," House said.

"The guy is good, the guy is great. There's not too many things he can't do: run, throw, throw on the run, scramble. Everything you want in a quarterback, he does it."

House's praise is effusive when it comes to his former quarterback, the same guy he will be trying to tame in just a matter of days.

"He's the closest thing to Peyton [Manning] back there," House said. "With calling plays and adjusting audibles, the guy is good."

The Packers have the ability to score from anywhere on the field. Rodgers' mobility and vision keep plays alive in situations where most offenses would crumble. That's why his weapons are even more dangerous in the open field.

Covering guys like Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb for several seconds can be the kiss of death for a cornerback. The secondary always has to be aware of what's going on with their assignments as well as what's happening with Rodgers.

Fresh legs are a must against Green Bay, as the Packers have plenty of depth at wide receiver and tight end.

"It's hard but the good thing about our situation is we have depth too," House said. "We feel like we matchup well with their receivers, so we just have to go out and do it on Sunday."

House and his teammates in the secondary will be busy in Week 1, but if all goes well, he may be able to add another Rodgers interception to his collection.

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