Woman shares photo, update after alleged drunk driver kills husband, baby

SAN MARCOS, Texas -- On Aug. 3, Kristian Guerrero suffered a loss greater than most could imagine. Her husband, Fabian, and unborn baby, Fabian Jr., were killed when an alleged drunk driver swerved into their vehicle, hitting them head-on.

Kristian's story has made its way to millions around the world, and despite the incredible heartache, she hopes her story can save a life.

After she delivered her son, doctors eventually gave her the chance to hold him before saying goodbye.

"When I first held him, I felt an overwhelming peace," she say. "For the  three days prior, I was in and out of sleep, people were coming in and out of my room, and I was getting more and more information about our accident. I was overwhelmed, and my mind was all over the place. But when I held him and saw his tiny face, I felt as if Fabian, his father, was with me. I cried out to him to take care of our son. It was a very emotional moment for everyone in the room. He had all of his father's features so I felt as if I got my final chance to see my husband again. He was the most precious thing I ever laid eyes on. Now that the dust has settled and all of my family has gone back home I'm able to process what has happened. Every moment of every day, I'm reminded of my husband and my baby boy. Everywhere I go, there's memories. Some days, the hardest part is getting out of bed. Some days I can't even get dressed. I feel weak and lost. I fear nighttime the most because I don't have him next to me. Before we got together, I always had a hard time sleeping. But being with Fabian, I always felt safe so I finally got rest. Any time we were apart, we both couldn't sleep."

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It hasn't even been two months since the accident, and time has yet to start healing the pain. The first month anniversary of their deaths was the hardest day yet.

"They said time would make this easier, but I hurt worse every day. I miss him more every single day. I just keep going because I have no other choice."

Kristian makes a desperate plea, urging anyone who has has been drinking to find another way home.

"My hope is someone sees (these stories), and it prevents them from making the same choice (the driver) did.

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