Woman claims violation at Miami Airport checkpoint

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville woman says she was humiliated and violated at a South Florida airport. Korine Teamer says she was returning to the U.S. after undergoing cosmetic surgery overseas and says a customs agent went too far to verify her procedures.

Like many other women, Teamer chose a doctor in the Dominican Republic to perform her cosmetic surgery. She says she saved thousands of dollars by doing her tummy tuck and liposuction procedure in the Caribbean and she was happy with her results, but says her trip ended with embarrassment at Miami International Airport.

"I called the customer service number, told them I wanted to file a complaint because I felt I was sexually assaulted," said Teamer.

Teamer says she took photos of herself so she could see her results, one photo even showed her genital area and they were never meant to be seen by anyone, but she says she was forced to show it to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent who continued questioning her even after she presented her medical documents.

"He said 'You have before and after pictures?' And I said 'yes', and he said 'let me see them.' I pulled out the phone, I opened it up and I was showing him my before and after pictures and in the end he was like 'okay thanks, you know I never know whats going on with these types of things so I have to double check everything,'" said Teamer.

She says she was held up for so long at that checkpoint that she missed her connecting flight to Jacksonville International Airport.

"I was in a wheel chair so I really couldn't even walk and I was sitting here like, why did I even have to show him my pictures? I couldn't understand that," added Teamer.

She says she traveled with another relative who had the same procedures, same medical documents, and cleared every checkpoint with no problems.

"I called my husband, I was crying. Even he was sickened that somebody else looked at my pictures," she added.

After filing a complaint, Teamer caught another flight to Jacksonville and now U.S. Customs is looking into the allegations.


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