Guns, knives, strange weapons found at airports in 2013

The list of weapons collected by Transportation Security Officers at airports around the country in 2013 is long -- and strange.

Cane swords, grenades and knives disguised as combs were just some of the weapons people tried to sneak through metal detectors and x-ray machines last year.

At the Jacksonville International Airport in 2013, 30 guns were confiscated.

In all, 1813 firearms were collected by the TSA, according to the TSA Blog Year in Review: 2013 released Friday. The number of firearms collected was a 17 percent increase from last year, according to the blog.

The TSA had an unusually busy year. It screened 1.1 million more passengers than the year before.

Some airports collected more guns than others.

Top Five Airports for Gun Catches in 2013:

(ATL, Atlanta) - 111 Guns Discovered
(DFW, Dallas/Ft. Worth) - 96
(IAH, Houston) - 68
(PHX, Phoenix) - 66
(DEN, Denver) - 51

There are 12 flights daily out of JAX to Atlanta. Firearms were intercepted at a total of 205 airports, according to TSA.

Many TSA agents were reminded of the dangers of the job in November.

"Sadly, this year marked the first incident where a TSA officer, Gerardo I. Hernandez, was killed in the line of duty at Los Angeles International Airport," the TSA blog post reads.

TSA reports 30 firearms were confiscated at Jacksonville International Airport in 2013; that's 11 more than in 2012 when 19 guns were intercepted. Only ten were discovered in 2010.

To learn more about the TSA, go HERE.


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