Doctors: Filipino 3-year-old is dead


After speculation of whether a child in the Philippines had woken up during her own funeral, doctors said the child never awoke.

According to NBC affiliate WLFA, after the child was taken out of her coffin, the family took her to a nearby hospital, where doctors pronounced the child dead.

Video of the child waking up at her own funeral went viral yesterday morning.

Original story:

PHILIPPLINES (KSDK) - A sad occasion turned into a shockingly joyous one in the Philippines Saturday.

Family and friends gathered to bury a 3-year-old girl when the child suddenly regained consciousness and astounded family members during the service. According to an article on Vamshare, the girl had been declared dead for 24 hours prior to her funeral.

The family had taken the child to the church of Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines for the priest to administer the last sacrament.

In the video, you see the father pick the child up and leave with her as the family follows closely behind.

See the video below.


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