UNF team returns after flying with NASA

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- They are the first Ospreys to fly in zero-gravity.

A team of UNF students was selected by NASA to fly their experiment in a G-Force 1 aircraft.

Before their feet left the ground, we spoke to the team as they put together all the pieces of their experiment. Leader Chelsea Partridge says the project is to see how fluid, like blood, moves in low flow rates.

"This is just a proof of concept to verify the components that we can get fluid flow in zero gravity before moving on to smaller scale biological applications," explained Partridge.

Now that their feet are back on the ground, Partridge says the experiment went just as planned and now the team is looking at the results in order to make a bioreactor next.

Overall, the team says it was one of the best experiences of their life. So what is next for the students?

They will be performing more research on bone cell density in space through the bioreactor they are working on and they hope NASA will invite them back so they can keep their experiment moving forward.

They will keep working because they sky isn't the limit, they are reaching for the stars.


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