Stolen wedding rings found in pawn shop

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Springfield woman is thankful to the CEO of a local electric company. Yanira Hampton said her wedding rings were stolen by an employee of his company, and she thought she'd never get them back.

Last Tuesday, she took off her rings to put lotion on her hands and then left for work. When she got home from work, the rings were gone.

"I was going crazy. At first, I was like maybe I'm, you know, maybe I did misplace them, because you never know," said Hampton.

After searching her entire apartment, she realized that wasn't the case. Hampton had electricians from Jax Electrical come fix her outlets. She says two electricians came.

"This employee hasn't been working here for very long, I had no idea he was a thief. The electrician that was with him told me he kind of suspected he would have done something like that," said Jax Electrical CEO Paul Keane.

Keane started looking into the situation.

"With the help of some friends, the girlfriend of the guy that stole the rings came forward and told me she pawned them and the pawn shop owner was nice enough to sell them back so I was able to give her the originals back," said Keane.

"He went out of his way for us. This was already going on three days where he was trying to get ahold of this guy. We've only been married for two months, so for me, I was really sad. I was like 'We've only been married for two months and my rings are already gone'," said Hampton.

"I felt responsible, someone that was representing my company went into her house and took them," said Keane. "I think anyone in my situation would have done the same thing there's no choice. You have to do what's right."

"I think it's kind of great to know that there are still people out there that will try to help you in times like this," said Hampton.

Hampton said she has filed a report with JSO and they are investigating the theft. The employee no longer works for the company.


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