St. Augustine woman connects the lost with the found

Connecting the lost with the found

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- If you've ever lost a piece of jewelry on the beach, you probably thought it would be gone forever. But that's not always the case -- in fact, a St. Augustine woman is dedicating her life to connecting the lost with the found.

With her metal detector Barbara Galambos, finds hundreds of things people have lost, but what makes her so special is that she tries to get the items back in the hands of those who lost them.

Galambos says she started using a metal detector a few years ago after a serious neck injury. "I basically lost the ability to do anything and I said, 'God, I need my life back.'"

And that's when she found this hobby, one that she says was a godsend that lets her pay it forward.

"You know I want to show people God. To me, I can't sell somebody's memory. I can't sell their memory, I want to give their memory back to them," she says.

One by one, she's putting a smile back on the faces of those who have lost something meaningful to them.

"He went in the water and the bracelet came off and five years later after the dredging on St. Augustine pier here, I found it and I started doing research and I said, 'How do we find who this belongs to? And it had the officer's name on it, it had Bowling Green, Kentucky on it where he was from.'"

After a lot of emails and research, she found the owner of the bracelet.

With other finds, however, there is very little chance of them being returned to their owner. "The weirdest thing I ever found was cremation tags."

Whether it's sunglasses, keys, or coins, Galambos says every item has a story and a special place in her heart. "Just being able to hand it back to them and say, 'You know what, somebody cares, someone loves you, someone wants to do the right thing,' to me is priceless. Those experiences are priceless."

If you lost something in St Augustine Beach and you want to find it, all you have to do is contact Galambos and she'll help you find it at no cost.


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