Love doctor offers tips to avoid jerks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --- Are you tired of dating jerks?

One Jacksonville Doctor is giving singles the tools needed to avoid falling for the wrong guy. According to Doctor Rick Marks, your heart matters, but so does your head! It is important to follow your heart without losing your mind. With that being said, it is important to avoid the jerks and jerkettes.

"People see the truth with the person they are dating whether it be a jerk or a jerkette but the emotions cloud their mind," said Doctor Marks. "And then, they wonder why did I end up with what I ended up?!"

Doctor Marks is offering Jacksonville residents a chance to attend his 'Jerk program'." The program is aimed to help men and women spot the jerks and avoid them, pretty quickly.

"Jerks don't apologize, jerks don't respect you, jerks are very very selfish," said Marks.

According to Dr. Marks, the official definition of a 'jerk' is: a person with a pattern of problematic behavior, hindering their partners ability to grow, love and mature.

Elizabeth Nelson admits to dating her fair share of jerks.

"When I divorced the first one, I took 6 months off and took a dating hiatus."

However, after the hiatus, Elizabeth started dating...a jerk. But, she says the dating did not last long.

"They wouldn't listen...they wouldn't communicate...they were more into them than they were into our relationship," said Nelson.

Luckily for Elizabeth, with the help of Dr. Marks she found herself in a healthy and happy marriage, with a man who she says, is far from a jerk.

"Dr. Marks opened my eyes to what I wasn't look for then, but what I am looking for now..he changed my dating life!"

Seminar: How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk(ette)

Register: HERE

Thursday, May 8th from 7 - 9 p.m

The Salem Center Auditorium at 7235 Bonneval Road, Jacksonville


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