Shark that weighs 3,600 pounds exists

Obviously any sized great white shark is absolutely terrifying, but listen to this — a 16-foot great white shark was recently found off the coast of a popular beach in Australia. And it weighs 3,600 pounds! Its name is "Joan of Shark."

When 'Joan' got too close to the coast of Ellen Cove, one of the most popular beaches in the southwest part of Australia, it was detected by a satellite monitoring device that sent signals alerting people on the beach to stay out of the water. Authorities closed the beach, according to the Telegraph.

The female shark is the largest of its kind to be electronically tagged in Australia. According to the Telegraph, a tag transmits a shark's movements through a network of 300 monitors on the sea bed and via satellite, so beach patrol officers are aware if one is approaching.

The shark was found on Tuesday morning and may have been in the area after smelling a dying humpback whale.


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