Recording artist creates song inspired by Jordan Davis

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Michael Dunn trial has touched nerves across the world. Some people are choosing to express themselves through art.

Recording artist, T'Juan, said he hopes the song and video he created can create awareness.

T'Juan said he has worked in the studio and in music for a long time

"Since I can remember how to say ABC 123," he said with a beaming smile and laugh.

T'Juan said his music is universal. Not long after Jordan Davis was killed, T'Juan created the song called "Gun Charge."

"I think that he truly inspired the song," T'Juan said. "It wasn't necessarily written for him. It was something that was birthed out of the situation."

He said it's designed to get people thinking.

"It's just to bring awareness to gun violence," he said. "Ten-twenty-life. It was based on the Florida law."

T'Juan said he has followed the Dunn trial. Of the song he said, "It's in favor of justice. It's in favor of what's right and what's wrong."

T'Juan said he is thinking about both people who were on either side of the gun that November night. FCN asked him his thoughts on whatever verdict is reached.

"That peace stands still," he explained. "That justice is due and that every person that plays a role in this walks away with absolute peace in their heart and that they made the right decision and did the right thing."


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