Storms cause severe road damage in Pensacola

PENSACOLA, Fla. -- Trevor Lambert likes to bike down Scenic Highway in Pensacola. His view on Wednesday was quite the picture. An entire chunk of road at 3855 Scenic Highway collapsed.

"I've been alive 25 years now and I've never seen anything like it," he said. "Just trees down, it was a car in the ditch, truck down in the ditch. It was sand and stuff all in a car. It was overturned it was crazy."

The Florida Department of Transportation said beneath the road was probably a large drainage area and the flooding caused it to cave in.

"[There was a] torrential downpour with severe lightning from 6:00 at night, until six in the morning," Britton Condon said.

Over in the Cordova Park neighborhood, the main road looks more like a river. Kids were kayaking, while families like the Condon's had to clean out their home damaged by water.

To make matters worse, Condone says most people in the neighborhood, if not all, don't have flood insurance.

"Hopefully I can get help from my state government or the federal government," Condon said.

As for the damaged roads, engineers are working on them. FDOT plans to get them fixed soon as possible to make them passable.


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