Scott signs off on decrease in auto registration fees

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- This legislative session, republicans have touted pursuing a goal of $500 million. Wednesday, Governor Rick Scott signed off on a bill reaching nearly $400 million of it.

Scott penned into law a bill which reduces the charges on several motor vehicle fees. Starting September 1, registration costs will go down saving millions of dollars for Floridians.

Authorities say this will result in an annual savings of $25 per typical motor vehicle.

Also, Scott took Wednesday's ceremony as an opportunity to bash former Governor Charlie Crist who approved the increase in motor vehicle fees five years ago.

"Why are we here? We're here because in 2009, Charlie Crist raised this tax. We are going to right the wrong of this 2009 tax increase that Charlie Crist enacted. Florida should keep more of the money they earned. This legislation that was just passed, will put $400 million back in Floridian's pockets," said Scott.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles urges motorists to renew their registrations for one year instead of opting for a two-year renewal prior to September 1-- in order to take advantage of the lower fees next year.


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