Racially-charged tweet fuels outrage at Duval GOP

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A set of controversial tweets has led to an online petition and Jacksonville advocates demanding that the secretary of the Duval County Republican Party step down.

A grand jury's decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson set off a frenzy on social media. Many people had passionate opinions, including Kim Crenier.

The unrest in Ferguson, Missouri can be felt in communities all across the U.S. with protests and rallies, people are entrenched in the case of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, shot and killed by white police officer, Darren Wilson.

Following 70 hours of testimony and after deliberating for two days, a grand jury decided not to indict Wilson. Once that was announced, on the Twitter account @JaxGOP, which is now no longer an official Duval GOP Twitter account, these words were posted by Crenier:

"Ferguson, MO. No true bill! May God bless and protect Officer Darren Wilson and his family. Facts are facts"

"She posted that tweet on the GOP," said RL Gundy with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Florida. "If someone posts a tweet on my site I'm responsible for it."

On Crenier's personal Twitter account Gundy says he was outraged to see a post he believes is racist. It said:

"A suggestion for Ferguson-- fire hoses. Grt big fire hoses, serious water pressure. Knock those thugs over. They probly need a shower anyway."

Susan Hepworth, a spokesperson for the Republican Party of Florida, told First Coast News the RPOF does not condone what was said. And that Crenier's tweet is not a reflection of the party's views.

Still, Gundy united with other community activists on Friday stood in front of the Duval GOP headquarters demanding Crenier's resignation.

"That's insensitive, it's racist and we're asking the executive committee for the Republican party for the state of Florida or the national executive committee to relieve Mrs. Crenier of duty," said Gundy.

"To me the comment represents the disrespect for the African American Community and all communities," said Wells Todd of the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition.

There is now a petition on Change.org also calling for Crenier to step down.

We reached out to Crenier Friday evening for comment and as of news time we did not hear back from her. We'll update this story when we have her response.


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