Lawmaker hopes to halt spam text messaging

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- It happens to almost all of us. You take a look at your phone to see you've received a call from a telemarketer. Now, a Florida lawmaker says they are reaching your cell phone for your text messages and she hopes to put that to an end.

Rep. Janet Cruz, D - Tampa, has proposed a bill to stop telemarketers sending you a text message as long as you are registered on the Department of Agriculture & Human Services' "Do Not Call" list.

"To me, it's really irritating when I see that I have a text message only to find that it's a communication of some sales telling me about the special at the restaurant or telling me about something that I can buy."," said Rep. Cruz.

She hates getting text spam and she knows others agree.

"It would be very annoying for me, not from a financial stand point, but just from an aggravation stand point," said Carlton Bassett, a Thomasville, GA resident.

For the Department of Ag's "Do Not Call" list, telemarketers aren't supposed to call you, but it doesn't address text messages.

HB 1191 hopes to change that - adding characters into law and taking them out of your inbox.

"It'd be very annoying for me to be dealing with spam on my phone," Bassett said.

"It's designed to protect the consumer from what I consider an invasion of your privacy," Rep. Cruz said.

The bill went before a house committee on Monday and passed unanimously. It has one more committee stop before reaching the house floor.

So, how do you put your name on the list? Go to the Department of Ag's website and look for "Florida Do Not Call."

You can sign your name up for free up to five years, but for now, it'll only be with phone calls.


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