Jacksonville family hopeful for minimum wage increase

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- President Obama announced he will take executive action on minimum wage, raising it for federal contract workers to $10.10. In the state of Florida, the minimum wage is now $7.93. One Jacksonville family says the rest of the country needs help as well.

At 1-month-old, Nevaeh Hatten needs to be taken care. Her father, Maril Hatten says it's difficult to provide her with the basics such as food and clothing. He earns minimum wage at a Burger King restaurant.

"From day-to-day, from paycheck-to-paycheck I be on a wing and a prayer," said Hatten.

He says he often walks two hours there and back to work, and at the fast food restaurant. Hatten unloads the food truck and scrubs the store's floors and windows, and do whatever is needed.

"We go out there on a day-to-day basis just like anybody else trying to pay bills for their family or provide for their children," said Hatten.

According to a January Quinnipiac poll 71% of American voters support raising the minimum wage. It's up to congress to act.

Hatten says he's happy the President has decided to help federal contract workers, but he's concerned about his own family and their future.

"We work hard just as anybody else, a concrete worker we put ourselves on the line too," said Hatten. "I don't want anybody to take this and say oh its Burger King or it's a McDonalds job, no it's a job and it's a job to be thankful for."

Florida's minimum wage rose by 14 cents on January 1. There are still hundreds of thousands of workers in state near the poverty line. Florida lawmakers are proposing to increase the state's minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.


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