Colo. mom joins fight against medical marijuana in Fla.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- A small low-THC concentration of cannabis was legalized in Florida. Now the burning question: should the state fully support legalizing a much less restrictive form of of medical marijuana?

That's up to Florida voters. In November, Floridians will have the choice to vote on Amendment 2, which, if approved, allows more strains of the drug, more people can qualify for it and more businesses can sell it.

Several groups support the measure. But, last month a group called "Don't Let Florida Go To Pot" formed, spearheaded by the Florida Sheriff's Association.

Wednesday, the group held a press conference. Joining them was attorney Rachel O'Bryan from Colorado, who's an expert in marijuana law and policy. According to the group, she helped state officials in Colorado develop regulations after voters approved legalized marijuana.

She's against the passage of Amendment 2, saying in her state medical marijuana led to the legalization of recreational marijuana leading to more crime.

"Imagine a Florida where it's more convenient to buy marijuana than it is to buy a Starbucks grande latte, a big mac. That's the situation we have in Denver," O'Bryan said.

The "Don't Let Florida Go To Pot" group says they have a grassroots campaign going through communities, online and on social media.


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