Biometric data bill moving forward in Tallahassee

When starting the school year, forms are filled out with your name, age and address. In Pinellas County, biometric data is also collected from students in some cases.

A representative for the school district told the house education committee Thursday that the information helps the children get through the lunch lines faster, that the information is kept secure and parents are given the option to opt out.

HB 195 focuses on protecting the various forms of data collected, but the committee focused on the gathering of biometric data. Lawmakers expressed concern about the information getting into the wrong hands.

"I will never ever believe that saving money or saving time trumps our rights as Americans and citizens and especially children who cannot protect themselves, I won't believe that those things ever trump our right to privacy," said Representative Elizabeth Porter from Lake City.

In the final vote, HB 195 did pass and will be reported favorable from the house education committee and is moving forward in Tallahassee.


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