Analysts to discuss impact of proposed tax breaks

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- On Friday, Florida's Revenue Estimating Impact Conference met to look at several tax breaks filed as bills this legislative session.

One of the measures they looked at is a 12-day sales tax holiday on hurricane preparedness items.

The analysts discussed how it would affect Florida's budget. They said the measure would cost the government about 300,000 dollars, but provide relief for the tax payers.

Some items on the list include reusable ice, portable generators and gas or diesel fuel tanks.

CG: Rep. Halsey Beshears (R – Monticello) //Bill Co-sponsor

"I think that this is a great opportunity to help Floridians save a little bit of money. It also gives them the opportunity to be able to go out to prepare, think about what they need to do in case you have a hurricane coming in so we can store supplies, help save the sales tax, this is a no brainer," said Rep. Halsey Beshears (R - Monticello), a co-sponsor of the bill.

If the bill passes and is signed into law, it will go into effect immediately. The 12-day sales tax holiday for this year would start on June first.

The impact conference also looked at a bill in the legislature that would provide tax breaks and incentives to sports teams for construction or renovation projects.

Most recently, international soccer star David Beckham traveled to the Capitol to lobby for subsidies for a proposed soccer stadium in Miami.

Last year, a proposal to expand funding for sports projects with tax payer dollars failed.

If this year's senate version of the bill passes, as much as $13 million a year could be awarded to sports teams.


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