ACLU files lawsuit against Florida's new abortion law

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — A lot can happen in 24 hours.

State law now dictates that is the amount of time necessary for a woman to decide whether or not she'll have an abortion. Governor Rick Scott signed the bill into law Wednesday and by Thursday morning the ACLU and Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit to block the mandate.

Effective July 1, a woman must make at least two clinic visits and wait 24 hours before deciding whether or not to end her pregnancy.

"It's going to give the mother an opportunity to pray about it, learn about the consequences if they have questions to ask somebody, 24 hours is no big deal," said Brad Straley with Jacksonville for Life.

Aleta Alston-Toure believes otherwise. The mother of two is the Director of the New Jim Crow Movement. She works with the city's low-income population and says she's disgusted with Scott's decision.

"What we're hearing Rick Scott Say is, 'no we'll make the choice for you,' and they're saying no we're poor and low income and we need it now. It's urgent because you will not babysit my children tomorrow nor will you pay the $1.50 that I may not have tomorrow to get to that place to have the abortion."

Calling the law unconstitutional, unnecessary and burdensome, the ACLU and Center for Reproductive Rights filed suit Thursday against the state and a motion for a temporary emergency injunction.

There are exceptions to the rule, which include victims of domestic abuse, human trafficking, rape and incest.

"Most of the states in our country have a waiting period, some as long as 72 hours," said Straley

For years, he has worked to share with women alternatives to abortion. It's a cause he said he's passionate about.

Straley said women do have a choice. But Alston-Toure no longer believes so.

"We say this is important now. we don't want to wait 24 hours and why don't we have a voice on that," said Alton-Toure.

Planned Parenthood has also spoken out in support of the lawsuit saying this is a bad law that needs to be overturned.

The law will officially take effect on July 1 and make Florida the 28th state requiring a waiting period for an abortion.


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