Out-of-control potholes on Bel Tel Way

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A private road off Atlantic Boulevard called Bell Tel Way is catching the attention of drivers as they weave to avoid potholes.

The road is an entrance to the Cherrywood subdivision, but also to two credit unions and the Duval Charter School.

"We actually have to sometimes drive on the opposite side of the road in order to miss the huge potholes," said Shintoka Fulton who travels the road frequently.

The homeowners association admits it owns the road but doesn't have the financial means to make road repairs.

"With the potholes out there, $3,000 plus just to fill those potholes up," said Chris Smeehuyzen, who manages the association.

He said to resurface the road is out of the question since that bill would push $50,000.

Smeehuyzen acknowledges the school and the businesses have no financial obligation to help maintain the road, although he wishes they would help out.

The near term plan is fill up the potholes possibly before school gets out.

Duval Charter School, which contributes bus and car traffic, said it has an easement to use the road, but no responsibility in its maintenance.


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