One Spark 2015 winners take home thousands in reward money

For the first time, a creator project took home two awards and the most money in One Spark history.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- One Spark 2015 ended on a high note Sunday night with the announcement of its winners.

The week-long festival saw record attendance numbers and exceeded last years donations.

According to organizers, topped 325,000 people gathered downtown to support more than 530 creator projects.

One Spark pulled in $93,000 in crowd funding contributions; that's more than double what creators made last year.

Closing ceremonies were held at the Times-Union Center. Hundreds of people gathered to cheer on their favorite creators.

The biggest winners run the gamut, from a mother who turned her daughter into a super hero, to teach her self-love, to a group of strangers brought together through exercise.

For the first time, a creator project took home two awards and the most money in One Spark history. Yoga 4 Change went home $32,001.11, the largest amount a single creator project at One Spark has ever received in awards and prize money.

"We know the practice of yoga makes everything so much better," said Aidee Douglas, Yoga4Change co-creator.

The group plans to use their winnings to pay for current operations and looks to expand in the future.

"We have served over 40 facilities this past year and we have served over three-thousand people," Douglas said.

The children's book "Adventures of Moxie Girl" received the most votes in the education category.

Angie Nixon, the creator of "Adventures of Moxie Girl," and her daughter Natalie as plan to use the reward money of $16,000 to expand the project by publishing a book about about self-esteem.

Nixon says the book about Natalie called has already improved her self-esteem.

"I wanted her to see how powerful it is for her hair to be natural," said Nixon.

"I wanted straight hair and I didn't like to read, now I like to read and I like my natural hair," Natalie said.

Nixon hopes to expand the brand by creating an entire series and building their website.

"We're going to have a whole like of 'Moxie Kids' and different ethnic groups and just to have the kids feel good about themselves," Nixon said.

There were more than 117,000 votes cast by attendees at One Spark 2015. The creator project that received the most individual contributions was Project STUFFEE. The group took home a total of $22,500.

This year, 229 projects chose to continue their crowdfunding campaigns for up to 30 days after the start of the festival, and contributions continue to be accepted for those projects on


One Spark handed out six juried awards, one in each category - art, education, health & science, music, social good and technology. Each winning project received a $15,000 check.

The juried awards winners:

  • Art Juried Award presented by J. Johnson Gallery – The Grey Area

  • Education Juried Award presented by The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership - Getting Early Engineers Ready for Success

  • Health & Science Juried Award presented by GuideWell – Momentum – Obesity Treatment and Prevention for Tweens

  • Music – Future Music Makers Youth Enrichment Program

  • Social Good – Yoga 4 Change

  • Technology Juried Award presented by Deutsche Bank - The Fastest Way to Change the Trash Guaranteed


The three top-voted creator projects in each category with crowdfunding and award totals:

  • Art:

1. Airing Grandma's Laundry and Other Hush Hush Family Secrets: The Movie - $16,026.80 - 802 votes

2. The Yarn Bomb - $909.01 - 710 Votes

3. Let's Tile Hemming Park - $907.73 - 709 Votes

  • Education:

1. Adventures of Moxie Girl - $16,423.69 - 1,112 votes

2. Textbook Boomerang - 1,419.85 - 1,109 votes

3. Pik My Kid - $1,058.81 - 827 votes

  • Health & Science:

1. The Polar Pod - $16,111.30 - 868 votes

2. Olive My Pickle - $891.09 - 696 votes

3. Apple Project - $837.32 - 654 votes

  • Music:

1. The Band Be Easy - $15,998.67 - 773 votes

2. 21781 - Brittney Lawrence - $652.95 - 510 votes

3. 21866 - Firewater Tent Revival - $588.94 - 460 votes

  • Social Good:

1. Yoga 4 Change - $17,001.11 - 1563 votes

2. P226 - $1,349.44 - 1054 votes

3. Pass That HRO! - $1,249.57 - 976 votes

  • Technology:

1. The City.Guide - $16,634.94 - 1,277 votes

2. AA Leather Bible Bindery & Custom Leather Shoppe - $825.79 - 645 votes

3. Snap Decision App - $620.95 - 485 votes


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