Local veteran angry VA is denying her pain medication

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Kristina Bane says VA doctors took away her pain medications a year ago and she has been fighting ever since to get them back and get some relief.

"This is an all out war with this disease," said Bane.

The former Navy hospital corpsman says she has a bone killing disease, a curved spine and 2 other spinal cord diseases. She is in constant pain.

" I have days when I am in bed all the time, some days I can't even sleep. From my head all the way down to my spinal cord, to the bottom of my legs, it feels like someone is stabbing me."

Bane says a test they gave her last summer showed no fentanyl in her system which she was using for pain.

"Then they accused me of selling it. I am going to tell you point blank that that is what they did. I was a hospital corpsman in the Navy, and also a pharmacy tech, so yeah , I am not going to steal it, I am not going to sell it , I am not going to do anything with it but use it right."

She said her doctor's boss at the VA told her her doctor used the wrong test, the drug maker told her she could have passed it quickly out of her system in the hot summer. The mother of an 18-year old son who is now in Army boot camp, Bane says no one will listen to her pleas and she is angry, frustrated that she can't help out her own diabetic mother I because of the pain.

" She is left with this entire house on her own, and I have a 13 year old niece, her mother died, and I am supposed to be like a mom , and I am not, it is just horrible. It is not fair , it is not fair to the other people like me either."

Bane says she is now seeking legal advice, but is having trouble getting an attorney willing to take on the VA. She has reached out to Senator Marco Rubio . She says he was told the VA would handle her pain in house but she says they have not done so.

We reached out to the VA to comment on Bane's case but have not heard back. The city's veterans office told First Coast News they would be glad to see Bane and talk to her and help any way they might be able to.


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